Enter The Glioblastoma

It sounds like a video game boss. But it’s my next challenge. I have been diagnosed with a glioblastoma in mid-July 2019 that got revealed by an MRI prescribed by my ophtalmologist because of double vision that revealed spontaneously.

Coping with mortality

At age 26 you usually think yourself immortal and expect only to die after you have seen your children and grandchildren grow up. In front of this adversity my faith has only grown stronger. Now I realize the hardest part of dying would be leaving all my loved ones behind, so I fight also for them.

Future and prospects

A glioblastoma is what killed Senator John McCain at age 82. Fortunately I just turned 26 and I’m not Republican. Now I know you should be careful what you read on the Internet but I apparently have at worst 11-15 month median to live and 4% chances of surviving this. This remains a statistic and every individual is different.


From here I can make a few promises to the world. Following the quote

“Espérer le meilleur et se préparer au pire, c’est la règle.” - Fernando Pessoa.

or roughly translated

“Expect the best and prepare for the worst, it’s the rule”: