Enter The Glioblastoma

Robot Dynamics: Hamiltonian formalism & AutoDiff

Interlude: Short Software Poems

Functional Programming in C++: Pattern matching

Robot Dynamics: Lagrangian formalism

Robot Dynamics: Numerical simulation in Python

Robot Dynamics: Describing motion with classical mechanics

From markdown to reveal.js slides with pandoc

From git submodule to subtree, rocky road to monorepo

Improve your CMake with functions

Refactoring: Mikado, a powerful tool

Opinion: AI is dead, long live Software!

Functional Programming in C++: Error handling

Functional Programming in C++: Composition

Functional Programming in C++: Optional

CCC: Favorite talks from 34C3

CCC: Space, the final frontier at 33C3

Autonomous Rover: Realsense R200 sensor

Autonomous Rover: Mechanical design

Autonomous Rover: Motivation

Building a ROS-enabled robot for Eurobot

Beaglebone black for robotics development

Installing Xenomai on a Beaglebone black